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    Sales Center

    Fleet managers want a night at home with no calls from work. Owner operators just want to get home tonight. Everybody wants a reliable truck at a good price. Whether you’re looking to buy a used big rig or want to sell a truck, come on into our sales center. [Go to Diesel Truck Sales]


    Every day your truck is down for maintenance issues you lose money. That’s why J&S Trucks is the fastest, most-affordable diesel repair center in Knoxville, Tennessee AND has customer-friendly drop off and pick up service. The only whining you ought to hear is the pavement under your tires. [Go to Diesel Repairs]

    Body Shop

    Your big rig is your billboard. Your truck’s appearance says a lot about the company behind the logo and the person behind the wheel. From basic diesel body repairs to custom rigs…find out how J&S Trucks can help you attract attention on the road. [Go to Body Shop]

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